We provided video production services for a commercial promoting Kinglike travel design and personal concierge services in Mykonos, creating an engaging advertisement that showcased the sophistication of the brand.

Our services included:

Pre-production planning: We collaborated on the script and shot list, ensuring that we captured the most important and compelling footage to showcase the brand’s value proposition.

Filming: We captured stunning footage of the luxurious properties, VIP experiences, and exclusive services offered by Kinglike, highlighting the brand’s commitment to excellence. We used a variety of techniques, including aerial drone footage and ground-level shots, to create a dynamic and engaging visual experience for the audience.

Post-production editing: We edited the footage to create a visually appealing commercial that
conveyed the brand’s message and identity. This included adding music and sound effects, color grading, and other post-production techniques to enhance the visual and audio quality of the advertisement.