Our team delivered video production services for the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation
International TV, providing a range of high-quality footage and interviews with historians,
archaeologists, and civil engineers to enhance the show’s quality and impact.

Our services included:

Pre-production planning: We worked with the client to understand their vision and goals for the project, ensuring that we had a clear understanding of their needs and preferences. As this was aMuslim TV show, we were particularly sensitive to the special requirements of the production, which included avoiding filming of Christian churches and women who were not covered by clothes. We collaborated on the specific question list for the interviews, ensuring that we captured the most important and relevant information for the show’s viewers.

Interview videos: In-depth interviews with historians, archaeologists, and civil engineers that
conveyed their insights on the topics at hand.

Aerial and ground b-roll footage: historic sites, buildings, and other key locations that added depth and context to the interviews.