Web video content for greek tourism services

Need to get a leg up on your competitors?

Video drives your audience from play to pay

how it works
Web videos for Greek tourism guide

Υπάρχει κάτι καλύτερο από τις φωτογραφίες και τα reviews?Need to get a leg up on your competitors?

Video drives your audience from play to pay

how it works
We promote tourism services

We promote tourism services

We Are in an Age of Visual Decision Making. People are influenced by the experiences they see captured in visual content. Video is the most powerful storytelling tool to allow audiences to experience your services in a unique, personal way. Through video, viewers can get as close to a first-hand experience as possible.

What types of video do you need?

What types of video do you need?

While the impact of video is powerful, its placement and integration is equally important to effectively reach and influence viewers. Content is king, but distribution is queen.

Video content can be repurposed to adapt toany circumstance:

✔ Website (homepage, landing pages, blog)
✔ Social media (Facebook cover/feed/ad, Instagram feed/stories/ad, Linkedin ad)
✔ E-mail campaings
✔ Offline use (in-store and events display screens)

What experiences do you offer? Video makes people imagine them!

✔ Sailing –yachting
✔ VIP Concierge
✔ Hotel
✔ Tours
✔ Bar–restaurant
✔ Luxury goods

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    We know who your prospects are, understand what makes them share, like, and buy, and create video content that we know they want, need or will appreciate. Research. Creative concept. Distribution.

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    We live in a mobile-first world. Online video is consumed mostly on 5-inch screens. But we use 4K cameras to ensure that your video can be also viewed on 65-inch event and exhibition displays.

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    We don’t shout a message, we tell a story. The less a video feels “like advertising,” the more informative, authentic, and original it seems. Creative and strategic editing delights and drives more conversions.

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    Video metrics can give you insights on your target audience, help you enhance your content to fuel engagement and conversion, and find out which aspects of your campaigns are working the best.

τουριστικά βίντεο ανάδειξης προορισμού στην Ελλάδα

Video marketing is the heavy-weight champ of digital media for brands !

When visual, aural and conceptual arts meet digital marketing